A list of 5 popular models and sexy girls from UK

Popular models and sexy girls from UK

If you will check the Hollywood, then you will realize that many of the sexy girls in Hollywood are from the UK. We can say the same thing for some of the most popular models as well. But many Popular models and sexy girls from UKpeople do not know anything about these popular models and sexy girls that are famous around the world but come from the UK. Here, I am sharing few of names of those sexy girls that come from the UK, but they got great popularity in the entire world.

Most beautiful and sexy model girls from UK

Kate Beckinsale: She is not only one of the most popular and sexy girls of UK, but she is one of the most success full Hollywood actresses as well. Other than this, she also got her education in the Oxford that proves her intelligence as well. That means she not only has the skill for acting, but she is equally intelligent as well. As far as her looks are concerned, you can watch any of her movies and you will realize why she is termed as one of the most beautiful and sexy girls of UK.

Keely Hazell: Kelley Hazell is one of the most popular models in the UK. She is one of those models that are known for their modeling for lingerie and she is popular in the USA for starting an online technology show. Other than this, she is one of those UK Models that secured some roles in some of the most popular and entertaining Hollywood movies as well. So, we can certainly add her name in this list of the most popular and sexy models of UK.

Keira Knightley: If you are a fan of Pirates of Carribean movies then I don’t have to say anything about Keira knightly and her looks. I consider as one of those few sexy girls from Britain that are not only beautiful but have great talent as well. You can see her brilliance and beauty in the pirate of Caribbean movies and if that’s not enough then you can see her acting skills in Atonement and The duchess movies.

Gemma Atkinson: Some sexy girls can be a good actress while others can be fantastic models. But if we talk about Gemma Atkinson, then she is great in the both the world. She is known as one of the most popular models as well as a fantastic actress as well. Also, she is amazingly beautiful and sexy in her appearance that helped her become one of the bond girls as well.

Kayleigh Pearson: Pearson is popular in USA and UK both. For this popularity, we can give the credit to her blue eyes, blonde hair and sexy boobs that can enchant any many men. She is also a good gymnast as well. Along with her modeling career, she released few of her music albums as well and featured in the UK top glamor models as well. So, if we make this list of amazing sexy and hot girls that are popular in the UK and outside world as well, then we can add Kayleigh Pearson’s name in that list without any doubt.

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